4T Integrated Magnet for the E18 Dilution Refrigerator
09 Jul 2013



4T high Field Ultra-Low temperature Magnet

4T inside of magnet​

This magnet is dedicated to the E18 Dilution refrigerator system and is able to produce a field of 4T on samples at temperatures of ~20mk. The fridge has been designed to support a maximum load of 20kg which could make it possible in the future to cool a small press down to mK temperatures. This will combine a pressure ~10kBar at 30mk and 4T. The full capabilities of the system are as yet untested, and are at the very cutting edge of what is possible.

If you think you may want to use this piece of equipment then please contact the sample environment team.


Type Temperature Sample Space
4T split pair vertical magnet  30mk-300K  200mm dia. x 250mm long