E18 Dilution Fridge
17 Jul 2013




E18 Top

The E18 high powered dilution fridge was manufactured by VeriCold Technologies Munich; during the systems manufacture they were taken over by Oxford Instruments, the new range is known as Triton. The dilution refrigerator is cryogen free and operates from a 0.7W CryoMech pulse tube platform.

The system has a base temperature of ~20mK and has a cooling power measured at 350mW at 100mK and has further benefits in that it is completely oil free, its computer controlled and fully automated.

The system takes on the experiments that the current dilution refrigerator systems at ISIS struggle with; examples of the science studied using this dilution refrigerator  are the further exploration of the Helium 4 super solid phenomenon and high pressure studies using clamped cells.

The E18 dilution refrigerator has been constructed with reinforcing supports from the 1st stage of the pulse tube all the way down to the mixing chamber. The fridge itself has been designed to cope with a sample mass of up to 20Kg. The E18 system also has a demountable 4T split pair vertical magnet that can be assembled to support ultra-low temperature magnetism studies.

If you think that you may want to use this piece of equipment in your experiment please contact the sample environment team or your instrument scientist so discuss your requirements.


Sample size

Base: 20mK

200mm dia x 250mm long