Chemistry and Sample Preparation Laboratories
26 Oct 2009



ISIS has a number of in-house chemistry laboratories aimed at enabling pre- and post-beamline experiments including sample preparation.

A user sitting down in a laboratory, with his hands in an atmos bag preparing samples for a beamline experiment.
​​​​​Renuka Nilmini (Cardiff University) and Lorella Izzo (Salemo University, Italy) preparing samples for studying the effect of polymer stereochemistry on polymer-surfactant interactions.


There are four general chemistry labs in each target station providing visitors with areas close to their beamlines for final sample preparation, cell loading and cleaning facilities. These labs house general chemistry lab equipment as well as some more specialised equipment. 


TS1(R55) - North 1 lab, first floor next to OSIRIS beamline

TS1(R55) - North 2 lab, first floor next to IRIS beamline​

TS1(R55) - Southside lab, ground floor close to muon beamlines

TS1(R55) - Southside cabin, first floor next to GEM cabin ​

TS2(R80) - East lab, ground floor behind LARMOR beamline and next to the lift lobby

TS2(R80) - LSS lab, ground floor behind INTER beamline 

TS2(R80) - West lab, first floor close to IMAT beamline

TS2(R80) - East 2, first floor behind WISH beamline ​​

​Access Policy 

​Currently there is open access to all these labs and they are within restricted access controlled areas.  As with any access to the experimental halls, completion of facility safety test and dosimeters are required. Click here to access​ the facility safety test. 

Safety​ Information and Working Practices 

General equipment in the lab and the lab itself is covered by risk assessments displayed within the lab. But any work in the lab must be risk assessed either in the ERA or by completing a separate assessment. Lone working pe​rmission will be granted by the lab manager after reviewing the risk assessments and ensuring that suitable ​measures are in place. Pl​ease sp​eak to the lab manager well in advance to organise this.  ​​​


Sarah Langha​m​​ - Senior Laboratory Technician 

Rachel Pearce​ - Laboratory Technician ​

James Taylor​ - Support Laboratories Operations Manager ​

Marek Jura​ -  Support Laboratories Group Leader​​​