24 Oct 2008



The Crystallography Group at ISIS carries out personal and collaborative research programs using neutron diffraction in various fields of physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering.

Attendees at the 2016 ISIS Crystallography User Group Meeting
​Attendees at the 2016 ISIS Crystallography User Group Meeting​
The Crystallography Group is responsible for the operation of 9 neutron diffraction and imaging instruments at the ISIS Facility, which is located at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The Group typically supports around 200 experiments per year, across a diverse range of academic and industrial disciplines. These studies investigate the crystal structures of materials and how the atomic arrangement influences their bulk properties. 

Research studies include the stress distributions within engineering components, the provenance of historical artefacts, the behaviour of technologically important materials for energy production/storage, phase transitions within complex magnetic systems, and the chemical bonding within samples of relevance to earth/planetary science and pharmaceuticals. 

The Group has an extensive programme of development projects, many supported by collaborations with UK and international partners. These include new software for analysis of neutron diffraction/imaging data, novel sample environment devices that mimic conditions found in technological applications, upgrades to existing diffractometers and the construction of new instruments. 

The Group currently comprises 20 Instrument Scientists, who pursue their own research programmes. These activities are supported by 4 post-doctoral researchers, a number of visiting scientists and 18 joint PhD students with UK universities. Click here​ for more information about our current group members.