Equality and Diversity Communications
03 Feb 2019






​T​heme lead: Marjolein Oorsprong​, PRACE

Parallel Session 1: Tuesday 9 April 10:15 - 12:0​​0

Differences make good sparks. Opposites attract. Diverse teams create more value all around. We all see the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and equality. But a lot of unconscious processes make finding people similar to us easier to connect with, excluding those who are different. What is familiar feels comfortable and safe to us. Addressing those unconscious biases is a painful process, it demands that we look at ourselves and our motives in a brutally honest way. The next step, changing our way of communicating to avoid those thoughts and behaviours that create inequality, is a treacherous one. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Procedures put in place in good faith to support inclusivity may actually backfire and put those it aims to help in an even more disadvantaged place. Or maybe the person you want to help actually doesn’t want to be seen as in need of help, and prefers to suck up the micro-aggressions in order to blend in. How do you even find out about possible diversity issues in your organisation? And how do you get buy-in from people not affected by a certain type of inequality?


Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,ISIS)