Soft Matter
12 Jul 2013



Establishing how and where Sample Environment fits into soft matter and bio materials experiments has become harder due to the diverse range of experiments that has rapidly grown over recent years.




The complexity and variety of samples used in soft matter research demand special requirements from the design and operation of sample environment equipment.

ISIS has recently set up a Soft Matter Team in the Sample Environment Group. We are attempting to review the existing equipment and to learn about the science taking place. There is a large diversity of sample environment required: high/low temperature; pressures; shear measurements; sample changers; liquid troughs; solid/ liquid cells etc. This diversity is one of the main challenges faced by the team aiming to provide stability, reliability, accuracy, control and flexibility in soft matter experiments.

Troughs and Water Baths

Sample Changers & Cell Racks

Magnets & Cryostats

Single Cells & Accessories

Shear & Stress Measurement

Temperature & Translation Stages

UV Spectrometer/Light Scattering

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