Beamtime for Academics




We always welcome new users at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and research conducted at the facility spans a wide range of scientific disciplines from pharmacology, cultural heritage and engineering to chemistry, magnetism and bioscience. ISIS neutron and muon instruments ​are free to use for researc​hers provided the results from experiments are published​ in the ​​public domain.​

Before submitting your proposal study our instrument pages ​to ensure you have identified the most suitable instrument for your experiment and to discuss your proposal with the instrument scientist. ​We recommend that all ISIS proposals are discussed with a relevant instrument scientist before submission.

There are a number of routes for academics to access ​beamtime​ that are dependant​ on the urgency and complexity ​​of the experimental request, details of which are given below and are also summarised here or in this leaflet.

For each experiment at ISIS a beamtime proposal outlining the scientific cas​e must be submitted. The guidance below offers advice and templates to assist​ you with your application. ​

Before submitting a proposal ​through the ISIS Online Proposal System discuss your proposal with the instrument scientist ​and read all relevant information below ​to give your application the greatest chance of success.