Molecular Spectroscopy
28 Jan 2009



We develop and operate a set of cutting edge neutron spectrometers which provide chemical probes of structure and dynamics ranging from diffusion/rotation, through phonon/bond vibrations, to the ability to observe quantum effects in the zero point energy.





​​​​​​​​​​​​From left to right. Top row: Rastislav Turanyi, Svemir Rudic, Giovanni Romanelli, Matthew Krzystyniak, Hamish Cavaye, Jeff Armstrong, James Taylor, Ian Silverw​ood. Middle row: Gui Maciel Pereira, Franz Demmel, Adrien Perrichon, Spencer Howells. Front row: Ed Jones, Sanghamitra Mukhopadhyay, Stewart Parker, Victoria Garcia Sakai, Mona Sarter, Katie Morton.​​

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​​The range of science studied is vast, but we have a particularly strong track record in catalysis, energy-related materials, polymers and biophysics.​ The instruments in the group span the energy range from the (alm​ost) zero of quasielastic and tunnelling sp​ectroscopy (0 - 10 meV, 0 - 80 cm-1) with IRIS and OSIRIS, through the traditional vibrational spectroscopy region (2 - 500 meV, 16 - 4000 cm-1) with TOSCA, up to very high energies (>5 eV, >40,000 cm-1) with VESUVIOFor more detailed information on each of the instruments and its associated science, please refer to their specific websites. To discuss an application for beamtime to the instruments within the group please contact any member of the group.

​The next Molecular Spectroscopy Science User Meeting is planned for October/November 2023.If you have any suggestions/comments in reference to any of our instruments, science or events, please feel free to contact the User Group secretary Mona Sarter

For the latest developments in​ our group and suite of instruments, please read our ​September 2023 Good Vibrations out now! ​