Sample containers
15 Oct 2009



Most experiments are performed using a range of standard ISIS-developed aluminium or vanadium sample containers although there is considerable call for special one-off cells.

​​Gas Handling Cells

Many such cells are built for pressurized, corrosive, rare or perhaps active samples. To respond to this demand from users and to facilitate compliance with ISIS' own Safety Regulations the ISIS Project Engineering Group has built up considerable expertise in the design of special cells. Often special cells are constructed of uncommon materials; Niobium, Ti-Zr alloy, Al2O3, the latter either as a ceramic or sapphire; or the sample cell may have a complex geometry. In most cases where a non-standard cell is required the User is normally expected to contribute to the cost of design and manufacture.

In-situ chemical reactors

Ultra-Low Temperature Sample Cans

Gas Flow Cells

Vanadium Can

Quartz Containers

High pressure Gas Cells

Furnace and Bespoke