Small-Angle Scattering
24 Oct 2008



We operate the most modern and most extensive suite of SANS instruments in the world.

ISIS SANS Group as at October 2020

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Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) looks primarily at bulk materials. A SANS measurement can yield information about the size of these structures, their shape, and how they are ordered. The length scales probed are from about 0.5 nm to several hundred nm.

Our SANS instrument suite comprises LOQ (on Target Station 1) and SANS2D & ZOOM (on Target Station 2). A new addition to our capability is the technique of Spin-Echo SANS (SESANS / SEMSANS / Membrane Diffraction) on our LARMOR instrument. This can measure much larger length scales (many nm to microns) than conventional SANS, though with some practical limitations on sample types and count rates.

We also have an extensive array of sample environment apparatus. More details can be found here​.

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