Physical & Magnetic Property Analysis
25 Feb 2015



The physical and magnetic property measurement systems are available for use by all ISIS staff, users and collaborators for characterisation of materials, including pre- and post-beamline experiments.




Advanced physical and magnetic property measurements of materials can be performed easily with the Quantum Design MPMS XL-7 and PPMS-9 systems. These instruments can be outfitted with different attachments and sample loading components to allow for a range of different measurements. The other instruments housed in the Materials Characterisation Laboratory consist of a ferroelectric test rig and the NanoMOKE3; a magnetooptical magnetometer and Kerr microscope.

Quantum Design MPMS XL-7

The MPMS (magnetic property measurement system) is a high field SQUID magnetometer for performing moment vs. temperature and field measurements of solid, powder and thin-film samples.

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Quantum Design PPMS-9

The PPMS (physical property measurement system) is the second of the magnetometers in the laboratory and can perform a number of other types of measurement as well as those available with the MPMS. These include heat capacity, resistivity and AC transport.

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Durham Magneto Optics NanoMOKE3

The NanoMOKE3 is an advanced magnetooptical magnetometer and Kerr microscope for experiments using laser magnetometry and video Kerr microscopy. The instrument is capable of detecting longitudinal, transverse and polar magnetooptical Kerr phenomena for investigations regarding magnetic properties of materials such as thin films, nanostructures and electronics.

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Ferroelectric Test Rig

This test rig is a ferroelectric test system powered by the Precision Premier II tester from Radiant Technologies. This equipment offers one of the largest ranges of test conditions for this type of kit in terms of frequency response and voltage range.

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