Reflectometry Group
07 Nov 2019



Neutrons as a probe for surfaces and interfaces





Science and technology is continuously seeking to design better drugs, more efficient power sources, new display technologies, higher storage densities and greener chemical processes to name but a few areas of interest. To do so, a better understanding is needed of the structure of the materials used and the interactions and processes they go through.

Neutron Reflectometry (NR) probes interfacial structure. This enormously broad area includes such diverse systems as proteins interacting at a cell membrane, ma​gnetic coupling in a multilayer stack and surfactants in solutions. The shape of a reflectivity profile tells us about layer thickness, concentration of material at the interface, roughness of surfaces and, especially if the neutrons are polarised, magnetism.

Our NR instrument suite comprises CRISP & SURF (on Target Station 1) and INTER, OFFSPEC & POLREF (on Target Station 2).

​Biological Sample Specialist

Dr. Luke Clifton