The Greg Watson Lecture, 2008
19 Jan 2010




"Nothing Amuses More Harmlessly Than Computation..."


Prof. Michael L. Klein FRS
2008 Hinshelwood Lecturer in Physical Chemistry,
University of Oxford.
Earle Hepburn Professor of Physical Science & Director,
Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter,
University of Pennsylvania.

Over the past two decades or so, computer simulation studies of classical and quantum phenomena have taken their rightful place alongside experiment and theory as important probes of physical and chemical phenomena. By using selected example, my talk will review some of this progress, especially as it applies to chemical biology and materials science. The talk will also highlight some challenges and opportunities for computational studies in the coming decade arising from the marriage of the physical and life sciences.

At 3 pm on Monday the 28th of April.

Pickavance Lecture Theatre, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. 

After the talk there will be an informal drinks reception outside the lecture theatre. All welcome.