X-Ray Diffraction
25 Feb 2015




The Materials Characterisation Laboratory houses state-of-the-art diffraction kit facilitating advanced measurements of single crystal, powder, liquid and thin-film samples.



The diffraction instruments currently available for use in the laboratory include a Rigaku Smartlab, Rigaku Miniflex 600 and the Agilent Gemini S.

Rigaku Smartlab

One of only a handful in the UK, the Smartlab is a state-of-the art X-ray diffractometer capable of investigating powder, liquid, and thin-film samples, with the appropriate sample stages and preparation.

It can execute a number of measurement packages including SAXS, USAXS, reflectometry and high, medium, and low resolution variations of these. Operation is made simple by the Smartlab Guidance software that can guide you through step-by-step the measurement and instrument setup.

Further Information and specifications

Rigaku Miniflex 600

The Miniflex is a smaller, benchtop XRD instrument suited to faster throughput of samples but still capable of advanced qualitative and quantitative XRD measurements of polycrystalline samples.

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Agilent Gemini S

The Gemini is our single-crystal diffractometer and is available for sample screening, structure analysis and other crystallographic experiments. It features two independent X-ray sources (Mo and Cu) and a 4-circle kappa goniometer giving high angular resolution data which meets the publication requirements of the IUCr journals.

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PANalytical X'Pert Pro

A further X-ray diffractometer, housed in the second target station, uses a Ag X-ray source and is optimised for the study of amorphous materials (PDF analysis). This instrument is operated by the ISIS Disordered Materials Group.

Users are encouraged to contact the laboratory manager in advance of their visit to enquire about instrument availability.