Mantid QENS User Guide online
09 Aug 2018



Content of the on-line User Guide for QENS data analysis




An on-line training on QENS data analysis is available here​.​​


  1. General Overview of QENS Analysis
  2. Setting up Mantid 
  3. Data Reduction 
  4. Data Corrections 
    1. Empty Can Subtraction​
    2. Paalman-Pings
    3. Monte Carlo
    4. Apply Corrections 
  5. Data Analysis
    1. Elastic Window Scan
    2. Calculate MSD​
    3. Calculate I(Q,t) 
    4. I(Q,t) Fit  
    5. S(Q,E) Fit
    6. F(Q) fit 
  6. Further Information
 Citation: If you use QENS data analysis facility in Mantid please cite this article. ​

                S Mukhopadhyay, B Hewer, S Howells, A Markvardsen, Phys B ​563 41 (2019)​
                A detailed description of available functions for analysis also will be found in this article:

Contact: Mukhopadhyay, Sanghamitra (STFC,RAL,ISIS)